iOS 17 Compatible Devices: All the iPhones that Support Apple’s New Mobile OS

iOS 17 on Phone Feature

Apple unveiled iOS 17, the next version of its mobile operating system that powers the iPhone, on Monday. iOS 17 is getting a number of new features, further redefining the iPhone user experience. Currently available only for developers, the public beta of iOS 17 is scheduled to launch in July and the stable version will go official in October.

Some of the prominent features of iOS 17 include a new feature called Contact Poster, which allows users to customise a contact by adding full-sized photos or memoji with colourful texts. Similarly, iOS 17 also gets a live voice mail feature, where, users can see live transcripts of voice mail in real-time while the caller is composing, and allows users to respond to the call while the caller is leaving the message, and this feature won’t work for spam calls.

The messages app also gets new features like support for live stickers, a more precise and capable search option, and a check-in option, where, the iPhone can automatically notify her/his friends and family after reaching a destination and if they don’t arrive at the selected location, an intimation will be shared with the select contact with critical data like location, battery life, and more.

Apple Maps now supports offline navigation and AirDrop can be used to quickly share contact details using the new feature called NameDrop to an iPhone or Apple Watch. iOS 17 also gets a new first-party apps Journal, which can be used to document day-to-day activities.

Another prominent new feature of iOS 17 is the StandBy mode, where, the iPhone will display glanceable information such as time, photos, widgets, and live activities while charging. However, this feature is limited to iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.


iPhone Xs launched back in 2018 is the oldest model compatible with iOS 17 update. As many as 20 iPhone models are eligible for iOS 17 update and if you are an Apple registered developer, you can download and install iOS 17 today.

iOS 17 Compatible Device List

Here is the complete list of iPhones eligible for the iOS 17 update:
iPhone Xs
iPhone Xs Max
iPhone Xr
iPhone 11
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone SE (2020)
iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iPhone 13 mini
iPhone 13
iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone SE (2022)
iPhone 14
iPhone 14 Plus
iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro Max

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