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Windows 11 / Office 2021 Online Activator Script (All in One) | File Download

Windows 11 Pro

This script activator works on all versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 and also works on Windows 11 ARM for Mac!

Download Windows 11 / Office 2021 Online Activator Script

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File: Windows 10/11 & Office 2021 Activator (All in One) [].zip

All-In-One-Version Features

 - This version contains all activators and extras files in one single file.

 - It uses Compressed2TXT to store required .exe and .dll files in text format in .cmd file.

 - At the time of writing this, all included files are clean from AVs, however some AVs may flag
   the text to file conversion process. In such cases, you either need to set exclusion in your AV
   or use Separate-Files-Version.


 - As the name states, all activators and extras files are in their respective separate folders.

 - In case you need to use script switches to perform an advanced task, you need to use Separate 
   Files Version. AIO version doesn't support the switches yet. Though both version support creation 
   of ready to use $OEM$ folders for pre-activation.

 - Apart from this, both versions have the same functionality.


 - This script check files and verifies them with SHA-1 hash. 

 - When a file is downloaded from the Internet, the Windows system attach alternate data streams
   (Zone.Identifier) in the file, that way Windows identifies the outside files and shows a warning.

   If an archive file is extracted with WinRAR, 7zip then these software's don't keep the Zone.
   Identifier in the extracted files. However, default Windows explorer, bandizip, etc. keep the 

   Also, if the file is downloaded with a 3rd party download manager then chances are that files
   won't have the Zone.Identifier.

   Script cleans the Zone.Identifier from the MAS project files, so that you don't have to see 
   a warning before running other script files.


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